Fresh and Good.
Vegan and Healthy.
Ethical and Sustainability.

鮮度・産地・製法にこだわった、 中身の見える安心で安全なジュースブランド。 国産の野菜や果物のおいしさと栄養を、 より健康的で持続可能な方法でお届けします。

A safe and secure juice brand that
commits to the transparency of
production and manufacturing
We will deliver fresh, delicious,
nutritious domestic fruits &
vegetables in a healthier, more
sustainable way.

1 食材へのこだわり Because we use carefully selected fruits and vegetables.


Selected from farms around Japan, our fruits and vegetables are grown without or with less pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and have passed radioactivity inspections.
The essential juices and nutrients are thoroughly extracted from safe ingredients.

2 旬のものは旬のうちに Because we use ingredients at their best

Why Juice? は、「旬産旬消」(旬の食材を旬のうちに食すこと)の考え方を大切にしています。

Organic fruits and vegetables have their best seasons when they are most rich in taste and nutirition.
Why Juice? lives by the philosophy of “shun-san-shun-shou”, which means to eat and grow seasonal produce,

3 安心・安全な
Because it's juice and produce you can trust

Why Juice?では鮮度・産地・製法にこだわった「中身の見える」安心で安全なジュースを製造・販売しています。

Cold Pressed Juiceは、栄養素を壊すことなく生きたまま抽出する「コールドプレス製法」を用いています。

Long Life Juiceは、安心・安全な野菜ジュースをより多くの方に気楽に手軽に飲んでいただきたい。

Why Juice? wants to be open and honest with our customers.
Our aim is to serve only “the best juice” - fresh, trusted, and carefully made.
For the nutirents to be directly ingested to your body, the fruits and vegetables are carefully squeezed into juice, and are free from any preservatives or additives.

Our cold pressed juice is made with a cold pressurising method, which crushes and presses fruits and vegetables without destroying enzymes and nutrients. The juice is removed of pulp and fibers from the ingredients, leaving behind clear and raw juice. Therefore, cold pressed juice is easy to drink and is packed with detoxifying and digestive properties.
Smoothies blend whole fruits are vegetables in a mixer, and is rich in fiber that helps with intestinal movements.
Long-life juice is made for safe juice to be more accessible for anyone. It is pasteurized at low temperature to enable 1 year shelf life. Long-life Juice is manufactured by hand at our factory in the mountainous area of Niigata Prefecture.

4 生産者とのつながり Because it benefits all

Why Juice?のジュースを支えるのは、全国の野菜生産者のみなさん。

Our juice is made by farmers throughout Japan.
The juices taste great because of their passion and effort.
We choose our farmers not not only because their produce makes tasty and safe juice, but also because by buying their vegetables, we learn together about the future of Japanese agriculture, soil, and food.

5 Why Juice?の
Because of Why Juice? Circle

Why Juice?では、圧搾後に生じる野菜やフルーツのパルプは近郊の農場、養鶏場や養豚場へ送り、鶏や豚の飼料として活用しています。

Why Juice? sends leftover pulp from the juicing process to local farmers. This pulp is then used to feed the cattle, chickens and other farm animals. We also use glass instead of plastic bottles for eco-friendly recycling.