Detox Juice Programs

Detox Juice Programs

One Day Cleanse


1-day detox program to substitute juice for your 3 daily meals.
Choose from 4 menus to suit your purpose and lifestyle.

Half Day Cleanse


Half-day detox program to substitute juice for 1 or 2 meals a day.
To speed up metabolism before and after playing sports, or to enhance concentration on an important day.


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Cleanse, Detox, Revive

Why Juice?のデトックスプログラムは、空腹になりにくく、野菜とフルーツからの良質な栄養素をジュースとして摂取することで、腸がリセットされ体の中からきれいになれます。

Cleanse, Detox,Revive
A detox program to substitute juice for your 3 daily meals. People are said to unknowingly build up unwanted substances in the colon due to overeating and stress. The colon is used for 'digestion and absorption' as well as 'waste elimination,' and it is an important organ that is closely connected to the nervous system. Your colon is working as long as it has food in it. Sometimes it is a good idea giving it a rest by detoxing.
A way to do this is to fast for a certain period by not consuming any solids. The Why Juice? detox program reduces hunger during fasting and allows you to absorb beneficial nutrients from fruits and vegetables while resetting your digestive system and refreshing your body.

クレンズの効能 Cleanse Detox Effect


These are some of the positive effects that you will find by following regular cleanse routine.
The effects may vary according to each person.

  • 1 内臓の働きが活性化する 1 Improved digestive system
  • 2 快眠を導く 2 Pleasant sleep
  • 3 肌のトーンが明るくなる 3 Brighter skin tone
  • 4 味覚が鋭くなる 4 More sensitive to taste
  • 5 食欲が抑制される 5 Controlled appetite

飲み方 How to Drink


You can drink the set juice at any time of the day, in the order you like.
See example of cleanse day schedule below.
Please drink more water than usual (more than the juice.) to enhance metabolism.

Set Bの場合 With Set B

  • 朝の目覚めに Morning
    A. Flex
    オレンジベースのすっきりした甘みで体を目覚めさせる。 FLEX Orange-based drink to wake up your body.
  • 朝食 Breakfast
    D. Charge
    CHARGE Start the day with carrot-based juice with a hit of ginger.
  • 朝のおやつ1 Morning break 1
    C. Dr. Green
    DR.GREEN A delicious blend of green vegetables,
    packed with minerals.
  • 朝のおやつ2 Morning break 2
    H. Seasonal Green
    緑の野菜を旬のフルーツと飲みやすくブレンド。 A delicious blend of green veggetables and seasonal fruits
  • 昼食 Lunch
    G. All Veggies
    野菜をたっぷり補給して午後の活力を。 ALL VEGGIES Charge the evening with lots of vegetable nutrients.
  • 午後のおやつ Snack
    I. All You Want
    ビーツをベースに摂りたい野菜がたっぷり。 ALL YOU WANT Beet-based drink packed with
    the vegetables you need.
  • 夕食 Supper
    B. Nuts Milk
    おなかがすいた時に飲みたいプロテインジュース。 NUTS MILK Protein rich juice to satisfy your appetite.
  • 夜食 Dinner
    E. “R” Detox
    代謝を促すビーツやにんじんが入ったデトックスジュース。 R DETOX Detoxing juice with beets and carrots.
  • 就寝前 Before bed
    F. Aloe Vera & Plus
    美肌へ導くアロエを皮ごと使ったジュース。 ALOE VERA PLUS Effective for smooth skin with whole aloe.
Set B Med Detox

Set BMed Detox


Program with well balanced nutrients in assorted flavours.

購入するBuy it

¥ 7,200 ( 200ml × 9 )


日保ちはしますか? How long can it be preserved?
A. ジュースは保存料などの添加物を一切使用せず、新鮮な野菜とフルーツで作った生物のためお日持ちはしません。1日分のセットとなりますので、ご購入いただいたその日のうちにお召し上がりください。 A. The juice is made from fresh fruits and vegetables without any preservatives. The set is for one day, so please consume everything on the day of pick up.
持ち歩きはどれくらいできますか? How long can you take around the juice?
A. 冷蔵保存が必要なため、2時間以上お持ち歩きの場合は、店頭で保冷剤、保冷バッグを販売しておりますでお買い求め下さい。 A. The juice should be kept in the fridge, so if you are out for more than 2 hours, please purchase a cooler bag with refrigerant when you pick up your set.
プログラムごとの違いを教えてください What are the differences between the programs?
A. セットはジュースの効能を考えた組み合わせになっておりますので目的、用途に合わせてお選び下さい。活動量が多い方や、クレンズに慣れていない方には本数が多めのA, Bセットがオススメです。 A. Each set is combined with efficiency of the juice, so please choose according to your purpose. If you are planning on an active day, or if you are not used to fasting, we recommend set A or B.
何日間続けるとデトックス効果が現れますか? How long should I continue the program to feel the Detox effect?
A. 個人の生活スタイルによってデトックスの効果を感じる日数には差があります。
A. It depends on each individual's lifestyle. A half-day cleanse or 1-day cleanse is still effective to rest your system, and to put your mind off eating. However, if you continue for a longer period, you may feel more obvious differences such as weight loss and brighter skin tone.
好転反応とは何ですか?またどのような症状がありますか? What is a cleansing reaction, and what kind of symptoms should I expect?
A. 体内をデトックスする過程で起きる症状で、個人によって度合いが異なります。疲労感、眠気、頭痛、下痢、便秘などが一般的ですが、他にもいつもと体調が違うようなことが起きるかもしれません。ジュースと一緒にたくさんのお水を摂取し、デトックスを促すと次第に症状が和らぐことが多いです。 A. They are symptoms that you may experience detoxing your body, and appears differently to each individuals. Tiredness, sleepiness, headaches, diarrhea, constipation are some of the common syptoms, but some other unusual affects may appear. Consume lots of water to help the process, and you will likely find the sympton easier.
前日の食事、回復食について What should I eat before and after cleanse?
A. 前日は軽めの消化が良い食事にするとファスティング時に体への負荷が少なく、またデトックス効果も高まります。回復食には生野菜のサラダや果物、また野菜のスープなど、消化が早く、栄養豊富なメニューがおすすめです。 A. Prepare with light meal that is easy to digest before the cleanse, so the body will have less load to digest and detox effect to come quicker. The recovery meal fills your empty body, so should be nutricious and easy to digest. The amount of time you should consider as before and after should be approximately for the same amount of time you will be on cleanse for.
配達はしていますか? Do you have a delivery service?
A. 現在、配達の対象エリアが限られています。
対象地域:渋谷区 渋谷、東、道玄坂、円山町、神泉町、桜丘町、鉢山町、南平台町、神南、宇田川町、鶯谷町、広尾、神宮前、恵比寿、恵比寿西、恵比寿南、神山町、松濤、猿楽町、代官山町、上原、富ヶ谷
港区 西麻布、六本木、北青山、南青山
目黒区 目黒、駒場、東山、三田、上目黒、中目黒、青葉台、祐天寺、中町
A. We deliver to certain areas of Tokyo, approximately 3km around the shop for a flat fare of 600 yen.
Area of service:
Shibuya Ward : Shibuya, Higashi, Dougenzaka, Maruyamacho, Shinsencho, Sakuragaoka, Hariyamacho, Nanpeidai, Jinnan, Udagawacho, Uguisucho, Hiroo, Jinguumae, Ebisu, Ebisu-Nishi, Ebisu-Minami, Kamiyamacho, Shoto, Sarugakucho, Daikanyama, Uehara, Tomigaya
Minato Ward: Nishiazabu, Roppongi, Kita-Aoyama, Minami-Aoyama
Meguro Ward: Meguro, Komaba, Higashiyama, Mita, Kamimeguro, Nakameguro, Aobadai, Yutenji, Nakamachi
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いつ、どこでジュースを作っていますか? When and where are the juices manufactured?
A. 毎朝、店舗で野菜とフルーツをを絞り、調合して当日販売するジュースを製造しています。 A. We squeeze and blend from fresh fruits and vegetables at our shop in Daikanyama everyday to be consumed on the day."

Why Juice?のCold-Pressed JuiceとDetox Juice Programsはコールドプレス製法を用いて製造しています。コールドプレス製法とは、砕いた野菜を圧力でゆっくりと潰して搾汁する方法です。製造の過程で極力野菜に熱を加えずにその栄養素を壊すことなく生きたまま抽出することができます。細かい繊維のフィルタを通すため、パルプ(果皮などの固形物)が取り除かれたクリアな液体が抽出され、すっきりと飲みやすく、胃に負担が少ない、デトックスにもパーフェクトなドリンクとなります。スムージー(野菜やフルーツなどを牛乳やヨーグルト、水などと一緒にミキサーに入れてブレンドしたシェイク状の飲み物)とは異なる製法です。

Why Juice? Cold-Pressed Juice and Detox Juice Programs use the cold-pressed extraction method. The cold-pressed extraction method extracts juice by slowly squeezing crushed vegetables. Through this process, the vegetables undergo high pressure, but no heat, in order to extract nutrients without destroying them. By passing the juice through a fine fiber filter, the pulp (solids such as skin) is removed, leaving a clear liquid, which is refreshing, easy on the stomach, and the perfect drink for detoxing. This is different from a smoothie (which is made from vegetables and fruit that are blended with things such as milk, yogurt, or water).

Why Juice?の素となる野菜やその生産者、またWhy Juice?がインスパイアされた人々やストーリーを紹介。 Stories of people, lifestyles, food we have been inspired of.